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5 fertilizer facts

1) Fertilizers are drawn from nature , they are not man-made.

It’s hard to get much more “natural” than elements found in nature. Take, for sample, Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. N,P and K. So it’s odd that these elements-the three most common crop nutrients are so often deemed as unnatural or inorganic. Fact is N, P and K exist naturally. The only problem is they are seldom in a place, or a form, that’s readily consumable for crops. What crop nutrient suppliers do is harvest these nutrients from nature and make them absorbable for plants.

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Fertilizers are drawn from nature, they are not man-made. Farmers are placing nutrients that are lost at each harvest. The world must use fertilizers to sustain its people. Modern fertilizing helps preserve our habitats and way of life. Farmers are the best qualified environmentalists.