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As the Global warming is one of most concerned point of human in this generation. The drop of agriculture production, the climate change and ton of factors are becoming dramatically worse for all our human being.
More than 1,000 million people live on less than one dollar a day, and an estimated 800 million people are hungry. The World Food Summit in 1996 pledged to reduce by half the number of hungry people by 2015. It is clear that this goal will not be met. The current annual reduction of 8 million people a year will need to more than double to 20 million if the stated goal is to be met by 2015. The movement to reduce hunger will result in a parallel increase in employment and purchasing power and directly impact on trade and the movement of goods around the world. There is a need to double food production in developing countries, and, some 80 % of this increase will need to be gained from land that is already under production. It is clear that this increased intensification of production cannot be met without chemical inputs. As we involve in both rice and fertilizer trade, we will continue to focus on securing growth by expanding into allocations, productions and markets, expanding our product

portfolio and enhancing services through supply chain integration. We are developing new ways of serving our customers, including offering value added service to make sure all parties are win-win.

"We are learning how to avoid the mistakes of the past and to fully benefit from the lessons learned and experience gained to date"