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Did you know that by the year 2025, the world's population will include nine billion people? Imagine nine billion people gathering around the dinner table. How will we feed everyone?
This is a common concern for farmers and the fertilizer industry - Our team who work year round to ensure the world doesn't go hungry. Adding to this challenge is the shrinking amount of farm land. After all, those nine billion people have to live somewhere!. These two challenges have one solution in common: fertilizer. Fertilizer is food for plants. Fertilizers provide growing plants with the nutrients they need to produce healthy, bountiful crops. Farmers use fertilizer to meet plant nutrient requirements and to replace the nutrients in the soil that have been absorbed by plants. Fertilizers include naturally occurring nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These elements exist in the air we breathe and in ancient sea beds in geological deposits. Those raw materials were converted into a form that plants can use. At least one third of the world's food supply is directly attributable to the use of commercial fertilizers.

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